20 Sided Adventures

The 20 Sided Adventures is a real-play D&D 5e podcast set in a homebrew intergalactic adventure!

S1E1 “Icy Hot” | 20SA Space Daze

January 16th, 2019

A runaway princess, a drunken captain, and a magitech genius walk into a ship. Join our unlikely band of heroes as they travel the galaxy! After learning the location of the mysterious Lost Ones tech, the crew of the Miss Lily travel to the Arthurian system to try and unravel the secrets of the Lost Ones.

S1E2 “The Magic Doorrito” | 20SA Space Daze

January 30th, 2019

Our heroes find themselves falling into an underground cavern after Daythorn, our magitech genius, pressed a button. What awaits the group further down in the depths of Avalon? How many buttons can be pushed in one episode? What is the Magic Doorrito? And who is lurking just outside the atmosphere?

S1E3 “Gabriel and the J-Squad” | 20SA Space Daze

February 13th, 2019

After finding the piece of Lost One's tech our crew returns to the Miss Lily; only to have their break interrupted by General Gabriel of the Brai Sanctum. He demands that the three hand over the mysterious piece of technology they found in addition to their illegal AI, and surrender quietly. Instead, Nora drops Mask of Many Faces to reveal her true royal form. It is then that Gabriel scrambles his fighters to open fire on the ship! The general is fixated on destroying the Miss Lily, and retrieving the princess by any means necessary.

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S1E4 BONUS “Mail Tampering and Meat Sticks” | A 20SA Valentine

February 20th, 2019

In this installment, we travel back to the first delivery Miss Lily's crew ever attempted together. They journey to the planet of Tadora in the Lorus system; which is apparently the celebration capital of it's star system.  Upon arriving they crew finds that the city is not as colorful as they would have hoped. With happiness being stolen from the world, the crew must face: a jaded love god, strong drinks, and some truths about themselves (best soon forgotten). Can the crew save Valentine's Day? 

We apologize for the audio in this episode as the Brai Sanctum tried to intercept our transmission to you the viewers. 


S1E5 “Broken Ships and Bad Decisions” | 20SA Space Daze

February 27th, 2019

After narrowly escaping the battle with General Gabriel, our crew sets down on Kroth; the black market planet of the area. There, Nora decides to wander off in search of information about a ship called The Dominion. While she is MIA, Bacchus and Daythorn find their way to The One Stop Chop Shop to see how much it will take to get Miss Lily fixed. After an offer to repair the ship for free in return in exchange for an errand to loot some wreckage in treacherous space, the crew returns to talk about what they discovered.


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S1E6 “The Orchid” | 20SA Space Daze

March 6th, 2019

Through wandering the black market streets of Kroth, Nora uncovers more information about The Dominion while Bacchus and Daythorn strike a deal with Bane. The crew reunites to start their adventure, only to have everyone's favorite princess pass out from the drink she obtained in the bar. Now on their way to the asteroid belt, the crew must make their way into the wreckage of the Brai Sanctum cargo ship "Orchid" to locate the cell they promised Bane. What will the crew find while exploring the ship? What dark truths will they uncover? What is a Genasi sandwich? 

S1E7 “Enter the Dominion” | 20SA Space Daze

March 13th, 2019

While exploring the wreckage of the Brai Sanctum Orchid, the crew is interrupted by a transmission from Sito; informing them that they have company. The trio find themselves surrounded by heavily armored members of the wanted pirate ship Dominion. Awakening as prisoners in the brig, our trio may discover that rumors may be just that - rumors. When Daythorn, Bacchus and Nora are finally escorted to the captain's quarters, they are given an offer that they cannot refuse.




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S1E8 “New Allies and Old Friends” | 20SA Space Daze

March 20th, 2019

After meeting Captain Leera, the crew is given time to think over her offer and allowed to wander the Dominion. Meeting some new friends and even old acquaintances, Bacchus, Nora, Daythorn and Sito take a bit of downtime to understand the dreaded pirates a bit better.

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S1E9 “We’re Expendable” | 20SA Space Daze

March 27th, 2019

Called upon by Captain Leera, our crew meets with her to discuss the mission at hand. The pirate captain lays out a plan to extract and store toxins from a very cute and deadly cub on the planet of Yoterra. After the briefing, Miss Lily's crew plus Leera set off towards the dusty planet sporting fancy new spacesuits and a clear goal in mind. An in and out mission, right? After all, it's only one baby.

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S1E10 “Pride and Sensibility” | 20SA Space Daze

April 3rd, 2019

What was suppose to be an in and out mission has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, after finding the Icoon cub they are after is missing from it's burrow. They soon realize that they may have not been the only ones after the young creature as a familiar symbol sends the team into a search that could mean life or death. Can they find the Icoon before the parents find them first? Who is the Fang Brotherhood? And will Cas be rolling a new character?



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